Natasha Zoe Garrett
Founder of Roam Vintage

Tell us about the journey that drew you to curating and selling vintage and the founding of Roam?

Roam was born out of my endless love of travel and of sourcing beautiful things along the way. My native Northern California roots and time spent as a child in the Southwest have deeply informed my aesthetic and the types of pieces I gravitate towards.
I worked as a stylist in New York, San Francisco and here in Los Angeles for years and overtime became disenchanted with the mainstream fashion industry. Transitioning into selling vintage was relatively seamless for me, as I grew up with a mother who has been taking me to flea markets, estate sales and vintage shops since I was a baby. The vintage world really feels like home.




Your creativity clearly goes beyond curation and into the hands on with the creation of your in house lines of clothing and jewelry that fit seamlessly into your aesthetic. What led you to those projects and what else have you found interesting lately?

The creation of my in house line of jewelry (and now a small collection of clothing) happened really organically. As a collector of vintage, I come across shapes and styles that I feel especially connected to and that I can see translating well into contemporary pieces.

The beauty of vintage is that it is one of a kind, but I love the idea of having a small collection of vintage-inspired pieces that are available to a wide range of people.

Everything is made to order in small batches and produced here in LA.



What makes you feel grounded right now?

Being in nature makes me feel grounded. With my business being nearly 100% online, I can get really heady and out of touch with being in the moment. Taking a day to be out on a hike or laying at the beach helps me remember to be present.

What pieces bring you the most inspiration and what catches your eye when you're out digging for vintage?

Well constructed pieces with interesting design details, like a romantic puff sleeve blouse or a really worn in, patched up chore coat inspire me the most. I gravitate towards natural fiber pieces and try to stray away from anything synthetic. I like pieces that feel good on and that have gotten even more beautiful with age.

Have the events of this year changed your approach to being a small business owner or impacted your creative process?

This year has changed everything really. Its been hard to not meet with as many customers in person but its been incredibly busy selling online. Its really proving to me that the way people are approaching shopping is changing. I am seeing more and more people supporting small businesses and that has been incredible.


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