During Spring of 2017 we traveled to Mexico City and Oaxaca to take in some relaxation and inspiration before beginning development of the Spring 2018 collection.

We found Mexico City to be a lively and full of diversity, great food, sprawling parks, and museums that could fill your whole week. The highlights for us were walking circles around the neighborhoods, sampling the street food, and a visit to the Luis Barragan home and studio. The simplicity and thoughtfulness of his space resonated with my own ideas, and I love his idea that green does not belong in a house, and is a color to be seen in the beauty of the outside world.
Oaxaca is a state rich in indigenous culture and artisan craft, and as we traveled along the coast and finally north across the mountains to Oaxaca City we also discovered the diversity of it's landscape and people.  There are several regions in the state know to specialize in different handmade goods, and we visited the village of Teotitlan, a town known for their  handmade rugs, and met families that had been dyeing and weaving for generations that graciously opened their studio to share their process.  Oaxaca City was by far our favorite stop on this trip, the creative feel that was both traditional and modern in perfect balance quickly stole our hearts and inspired my palette for the Spring 2018 collection. 

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