Sea Ranch, CA

We chose Sea Ranch, CA to be the backdrop of our Fall 2018 lookbook shoot because of the unique character of it's architecture and remote untouched feel. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries the rugged stretch of land along California's Northern coast was used primarily for ranching- the last ranch being Del Mar Ranch. When the owners passed away the 10-mile stretch of California's Sonoma Coast made up of 5,200-acres was purchased by developers that had the idea for an environmentally sensitive approach to coastal development."The original Sea Ranch concept directed that people would join the natural environment with minimal impact. Overgrazed lands were to be rested and natural processes allowed to take their course, with indigenous planting where needed. The Ranch would become a wildlife and game refuge. Improvements would involve a minimum of grading. Utilities would be located underground, and population density kept low. Residential design would allow homes to blend into and become part of the natural landscape."( planned our shoot to take place during February, a quiet off season for most visitors to the ranch and immediately sensed the timeless and seemingly unchanged feel of the community. Winding roads opened up to fields of grazing sheep, deer unburdened by human impact, and an open accessible coastline with seemingly unmarked property lines allowing for long walks and exploration and a feeling of strong community as well as quiet solitude. We wanted to capture the peaceful and still nature of the place and share it in our season's photos.
All photos by Maria del Rio

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